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Lindisfarne / Holy Island became an important part of Christianity in the British Islands when King Oswald asked that Saint Aidan be sent from the Scottish island of Iona to Northumberland in around the year AD 635 to found Lindisfarne Monastery. The Venerable Bede wrote about one of the island most famous residents Saint Cuthbert in his famous book The Lindisfarne Gospels in the early 700s. Today you can reach the island by a small causeway that is covered by the tides twice a day so it is recommended you check the tide tables before starting your journey. There are plenty of places to visit on the island including the Monastery ruins, there is also Lindisfarne Castle and one of my favourite places that I always call into when visiting the island is St.Aidan's Winery the makers of the famous Lindisfarne Mead made from a mixture of honey and other ingredients

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