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Chichester Road, South Shields, Tyne & Wear NE33 4HN. Telephone 0191 456 7141

Jimmys Review

Years ago if you lived in South Shields and you fancied a KFC then the only option was to travel up to Newcastle, this we used to do on a regular basis (used to love the spare ribs but for some reason they stopped doing them) so one week I sent a letter off to Colonel Sanders (a bit like writing to Santa I guess) and asked them if there was any chance of opening one up in sunny Shields, a week later I received a polite letter back from them informing me that at the moment they had no plans to move into South Shields but would like to thank me for asking and in return would I please accept a couple of free vouchers for their Newcastle shop (nice one). Fast forward a few years and they opened their first shop in the town at Westoe (on top of what used to be Westoe bridges) which seem busy every time you call in and with ample parking that makes it a lot easier then calling into the town centre.


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