Nickname : lou
Home town : south shieds
Sex : yes please! nah man, female!
Age : 19
Communications No. : 
E.mail :
Favourite food : tuna mayo sarnies and mash potatoe (not together)
Hated food : most vegetables
Favourite drink : smirnof ice, reef, breezers
Hated drink : dry wine and creamy tasting drinks
Favourite watering holes : quiet places like the wouldhave
Favourite groups : oasis, the beatles, travis, sterophonics, the verve, anything really!
No.1 favourite song : imagine by john lennon
No.1 hated song : do you really like it? by dj pied piper
No.1 favourite Film : the goonies, stand by me, top gun, billy elliot! 
Favourite TV progs. : airline, airport, wildlife documentaries, big brother
Crap TV progs. : inspector morse, one foot in the grave, crossroads, gardening programs, old peoples programmes really, oh and songs of praise!
Perfect date : hmm...with a tall dark man, watching the sky at night
Nightmare date : with a boring bloke with nowt good to say or have any enthusiasm about the date itself
No.1 hero : superman! ha ha ha
Favourite footie team : sunderland
Hobbies : watching tv, drinking, laughing, shopping
Lifetime achievements : i have got a 25yrds swimming certificate. ha ha
My story : i was born, i am living, i have not died yet! nah man, i live for the moment and i dont really care what people think of me. i like to embarrass people and dont care what people think. thanx for reading louise


South Shields Sanddancers