Nickname : no nickname just aaron
Home town : south shields
Sex : male
Age : 21
Communications No. : 
E.mail :
Favourite food : tuna mayonnaise jacket potato
Hated food : rank vegetables like cauliflower
Favourite drink : tia maria and coke
Hated drink : pulse (urrgghh, school memories!)
Favourite watering holes : rosie malones and pretty much any skanky old-man's pub which isn't always chokka
Favourite groups : fiona apple, red hot chili peppers, jewel, portishead, kathryn williams, morcheeba, steve poltz, the rugburns
No.1 favourite song : angel standing by (jewel)
No.1 hated song : almost any of that manufactured commercial crap which is collectively known as "the charts", wif the exception of anything clever that aint played in the venue 
No.1 favourite Film : stand by me and licence to drive 
Favourite TV progs. : hate to be cliche, but the simpsons, always has been since i first saw it years ago. that and married with children 
Crap TV progs. : songs of praise 
Perfect date : hmm, let's think 'bout this un. neve campbell or mena suvan
Nightmare date : keanu reaves
No.1 hero : got a few, nuno bettencourt, dusty springfield, jewel and john frusciante 
Favourite footie team : newcastle
Hobbies : playing guitar, writing songs, drinking wif mates doon shields
Lifetime achievements : well i'm still here, that's a pretty big achievement like. i've kept me head screwed on and i'm pretty happy wif that too
My story : i'm not gonna give me story, coz most of ya will have taken a dislike to me already for slagging off the charts, so i won't make it any worse. if anyone should for some reason be interested, then they can feel free to email me :-) 



South Shields Sanddancers