Nickname : lush legs!
Home town : south shields
Sex : about 5 times a week
Age : 26
Communications No. : 
Favourite food : chicken kebabs with loads of garlic !!!! Lush!
Hated food : most veggies and greggs pasties!
Favourite drink : cranberry archers, yum! also vodka redbull is quite nice
Hated drink : milk or whiskey
Favourite watering holes : coast and evissa
Favourite groups : don`t know
No.1 favourite song : blow your whistle!!!
No.1 hated song :  anything that goes on and on and on
No.1 favourite Film : freddy got fingered (watch it and see)
Favourite TV progs. : corrie and blind date, just to slag the stupid contestants off!
Crap TV progs. : almost everything on telly these days. star trek, heart beat etc
Perfect date : wearing some lush new clothes. going out with hubby for a lovely meal down street, usually mcdonalds, walking home, stopping for a quickie in the west park, then nice shower, jarmies on then bed. Bliss!
Nightmare date : stopping in and doing nowt
No.1 hero : me of course!
Favourite footie team : im not gay if thats wot ya askin!
Hobbies : parachuting. roller blading down the beach
Lifetime achievements : having a lovely wedding. parachuting for charity. getting a tattoo, it knacks!
My story : hello everyone. im doing this profile to keep in touch with fellow geordies. i am moving to scotland and Ive never even been there before. i dont even know if they sell chicken kebabs? i will geet miss south shields. i love going out with my best mate `dora`. we have a brilliant night and everyone is so friendly. i hope that someone e-mails me coz I am so nosey and need to talk to people. bye for now. x



South Shields Sanddancers